“Paterson II” by photographer George Tice was published in 2006, 30 years after his first book about the New Jersey city was published. In 1972, the Metropolitan Museum of Art gave Tice a solo show featuring “Paterson,” the first ever for a living photographer. Then as now, his black and white photographs, made with an 8″x10″ view camera, provide a thought-provoking vision of the old industrial city and its dramatic falls.This State of the Arts story includes a clip from a 1972 film of Tice in Paterson, and a return to the city with him in 2007 to see what changed or remained the same. Also included is footage of an exhibition of Tice’s Paterson photographs at William Paterson University. George Tice is a 10th generation native of New Jersey, and was born in Newark.

Produced by Susan Wallner.