The American Boychoir School gives 4th to 8th graders an education, and a chance to tour the world. The choir performs more than a hundred concerts each year. They’ve appeared with Beyonce at the Oscars, Yo-Yo Ma and Santana at the Grammys, and with just about every major orchestra. And now, there’s a movie based on the school starring Dustin Hoffman and Kathy Bates. Screenwriter Ben Ripley, best known for the 2011 film Source Code, grew up in Lawrenceville and learned about the American Boychoir through his best friend, who was a student there. Dustin Hoffman plays the demanding music director. The movie’s director, Francois Girard, whose other films include the Red Violin and Silk, decided early on that he wanted to work with the real American Boychoir, both on screen and for the musical soundtrack.