Winner of the 2015 New York Emmy Award in the Historical/Cultural category.

The motion picture industry exploded in the 1890s, especially in New Jersey.  Fort Lee was the Hollywood of the era – the original studio system.  Film had evolved from an experiment in a lab, to a novelty item, to big business.  California has since taken the spotlight, but New Jersey remains a prominent feature in our media landscape – and the public imagination.

To keep all of this history straight, David Bianculli – founder of the popular online magazine TV Worth Watching, longtime contributor to NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross, and a New Jersey resident – gathered together a panel of his fellow critics to chronicle New Jersey-based-or-focused film and television for the official NJ350 website.  We spoke with him at WHYY in Philadelphia, where Fresh Air is produced.

Produced by Christopher Benincasa.