Beatie Wolfe is a musician and innovator with a new album Raw Space. She worked with Nokia Bell Labs on the launch of the album through a long-running program where engineers work with artists called “Experiments in Art and Technology, or E.A.T.” State of the Arts meets up with Beatie at the Propelify Festival for Innovation in Hoboken, NJ, and then visits the historic Anechoic Chamber at Nokia Bell Labs in Murray Hills, NJ.

After her album Raw Space was completed (and after our story was produced), Beatie joined with Nokia Bell Labs and Nobel laureate Robert Wilson to use New Jersey’s “Holmdel Horn” to beam her complete album into space. As an interesting note: Beatie’s father, after seeing the short documentary about this event here, mentioned that her grandfather had worked at Bell Labs in the field of telemetry. In all likelihood, it turns out, he was involved with the Holmdel Horn.

Produced by Susan Wallner, narrated by Dan Gordon, videography by Kirk Sohr.