Korean-born American classical pianist Min Kwon asked more than 70 very different composers to create variations on the familiar song “America the Beautiful,” originally composed in 1882 by the music director of Grace Church in Newark, NJ. “America/Beautiful” is now a streaming series, with over 6 hours of new music recorded to date. Min describes the project as representing a “United Composers of America.” Composers include Vijay Iyer and Sebastian Currier (both interviewed) as well as Trevor Weston, Viet Cuong, Richard Danielpour, and many, many more.

Produced by Susan Wallner, Director of Photography Nicholas Galante, Audio by Nico Osborne, Production Assistant Christine Cirullo. Additional footage courtesy of “America/Beautiful” and the Center for Musical Excellence.

Cover photo: Min Kwon photographed by Lisa-Marie Mazzucco