“Philip Roth Unbound” was a three-day festival at NJPAC in March 2023 that celebrated the great novelist with readings by actors including Matthew Broderick and Peter Riegert, panels led by luminaries including Princeton University historian Sean Wilentz, and a tour of Philip Roth’s Newark, including his childhood home on Summit Avenue, his high school in Weequahic, and a tour of Roth’s personal library, now housed at the Newark Public Library. Roth set most of his work in the Newark he grew up in, including his alternate history novel, The Plot Against America. As Wilentz notes, Roth’s “work is deeply rooted in his own experience, and he wasn’t going to disguise that. He was going to deepen it as he looked at the whole human condition.”

Produced by Susan Wallner for State of the Arts. Camera by Joe Conlon, Bob Szuter, and Jack Stawowczyk.