I Might Be Next: Jerry Gant & Bryant Lebron is an exhibit at the Criminal Justice Gallery at Rutgers University, Newark, in the same building as the law school.  It’s part of the Paul Robeson Galleries at Rutgers-Newark, and themes tend to the political. Jerry Gant is an artist and spoken-word performer based in Newark, and has exhibited widely in the city and beyond for the past two decades. Artist Bryant Lebron is a December 2015 BFA graduate of Rutgers. “It’s been such a pleasure meeting [Jerry Gant] for the first time,” says Lebron, “talking to him about art, history, education, mis-education.” Also part of the story is Nell Painter, an artist and historian who wrote an essay for the exhibition. Read the full essay here. Painter, an artist and a professor-emeritus of Princeton University, is currently working on a book on the topic of being “old” in art school.

Produced by Susan Wallner
Videography by Jim Masi and Joe Conlon