This is a State of the Arts feature from 1989, the early days of the series. AIDS was killing thousands and there was no cure or effective treatment.

Prejudice and fear caused many to stigmatize the sick, largely gay men and intravenous drug users. The arts community was hard it. State of the Arts producer Amber Edwards looked at how artists were coping and how the epidemic, not yet considered a pandemic at the time, was affecting their work. She spoke with choreographer Bill T. Jones shortly after his partner Arnie Zane died, and to actor Everett Quinton shortly after he lost his partner, the actor, director and playwright Charles Ludlam at the age of 44. Artist Jenny Holtzer, playwright Wendy Wasserstein and choreographer Alfred Gallman are also interviewed.

The feature resonates with us as we deal in 2020 with both the Covid-19 pandemic and struggle to find real solutions to end the injustices perpetrated against people of color in the United States and around the world.