At coLAB Arts in New Brunswick, artists create a wide variety community-powered creative projects that focus on building social advocacy through the arts.  During Earth Day weekend, State of the Arts followed just a few of the many projects and initiatives that artists participate in all year round, thanks to the visionary work of coLAB Arts leaders like Dan Swern and John Keller.  Volunteers from the Lower Raritan Watershed Partnership joined artists in a cleanup that resulted in river-themed sculpture.  New Brunswick artist Ingrid Morales continued work on a huge mural commissioned by Rutgers University at Deiner Park. On Sunday, coLAB partnered with community group Elijah’s Promise engaging with citizens in the Esperanza neighborhood during New Brunswick’s Ciclovia.  And to wrap up a busy weekend, coLAB Arts celebrated by premiering its 48 Hour Musicals, three original productions that were started from scratch two days earlier and written and rehearsed just in time for the Sunday night performances.

Produced by Bob Szuter
Shot by Joe Conlon and Kirk Sohr
Narrated by Dan Gordon