State of the Arts has been nominated for three 2019 Mid-Atlantic Emmys!

Winners will be announced on September 28, 2019. In the meantime, check out our nominated features.

State of The Arts: Painter Tyler Ballon, Folk Duo Jackson Pines, Trompe L’Oeil Artist Gary Erbe, and Photographer Erik James Montgomery”- PCK Media
Susan Wallner, Series Producer
Eric Schultz, Series Producer
Robert Szuter, Producer
Joseph Conlon, Director of Photography

Artist Tyler Ballon interprets Biblical themes with images grounded in African American life today. Folk duo Jackson Pines plays songs about life on the road and at home in the Jersey Pine Barrens. We catch them in performance at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park. Nutley painter Gary Erbe works in the ancient tradition of “tricking the eye.” And, photographer Erik James Montgomery instructs at-risk youth in Camden in the craft of professional photography.


“State of The Arts: The Montclair Show”- PCK Media, LLC

Eric Schultz, Producer/Director
Susan Wallner, Producer/Director
Joseph Conlon, Director of Photography
Robert Szuter, Producer/Director

Join State of the Arts as we explore Montclair’s cosmopolitan and diverse cultural scene. The Montclair Film Festival takes the town by storm every April with world-class screenings, but has grown in just a few years into a year-round cultural force. Montclair has been known as an artists’ colony since famed landscape painter George Inness settled there in the 1890s, preserving its beautiful views for future generations. State of the Arts visits the Montclair Art Museum to find out more more about Inness, and see the work of 21st century landscape painter Kay WalkingStick. We visit her studio, and meet longtime Montclair resident, the innovative jazz musician and composer Oliver Lake. He also writes poetry and paints, seeing it all as integral to his musical career. Plus, a visit to Jazz House Kids where young people learn jazz from luminaries, including jazz superstar, Christian McBride.


“Ember & World War I”- PCK Media, LLC, a State of the Arts feature

Eric Schultz, Producer/Director

The New Jersey-based chamber choir Ember uses music to explore social issues. Recently, they tackled race relations in America after black soldiers returned from the battlefields of WWI.