Passage Theatre Company‘s new play, The OK Trenton Project, tells the story of a summer art project gone terribly wrong. In 2017, a group of Trenton-area kids worked with Eric Schultz, a found-object artist, to build a sculpture of a giant hand out of old scrap metal. The hand had red fingernails and was making the “OK” sign. But four days after it was installed on a corner in Trenton, NJ, the city removed it. The OK Trenton Project tries to figure out what went wrong, and what it says about the city. Passage Theatre based their new play on interviews with the kids, local politicians, reporters, gang members, and community residents.

Special thanks to the cast: Kevin Bergen, Richard Bradford, Carmen Castillo, Molly Casey Chapman, & Wendi Smith. Photographs courtesy Eric Schultz Studio.

Produced by Susan Wallner for State of the Arts. Camera by Joe Conlon and Bob Szuter, with production assistance by Christine Cirullo. Narrated by Nemuna Ceesay.