Some of the world’s greatest writers were veterans of war, from Ernest Hemingway to New Jersey’s own Joyce Kilmer, the poet who wrote “Trees.” Add to the list Charles Edward Dilkes, also from New Jersey. The new play A Year In The Trenches is partially based on his memoir Remembering World War I: An Engineer’s Diary of the War. To celebrate the centennial year of the Unites States’ entry into World War One, Cape May’s East Lynne Theater Company led into the premiere of the play on September 20, 2017 with a series of readings at various venues. State of the Arts was there for the last one at Fort Dix in Pemberton, and spoke with actors, directors, and historians about this illuminating and moving production.

“A Year in the Trenches” was commissioned by the New Jersey Historical Commission and the New Jersey State Council on the Arts in partnership with the New Jersey Theatre Alliance.

Produced by Chris Benincasa; narrated by Dan Gordon; videography by Joe Conlon and Jim Masi.