The spoken book company Audible collaborates with Newark artists to create large-scale artworks in the company’s downtown neighborhood, from a comic-book mural, to historically inspired billboards, to child-friendly sculptural seating at the Newark Public Library. Audible’s international headquarters are in Newark and, according to founder Don Katz, one of their goals is “to have a representation on the walls of the beauty of the city, the artistic depth of the city.”

Of the more than 20 artists involved in the project, we hear from YENDOR team Malcolm Rolling and Hans Lundy, aunt and niece team Nancy Saleme and Patricia Cazorla, Eirini Linardaki, and Noelle Lorraine Williams. Also interviewed are Newark Public Library director Joslyn Bowling Dixon, Fortress of Solitude owner Jose Robles, and Newark Artist Collaboration coordinator Rebecca Pauline Jampol.

Produced by Susan Wallner for State of the Arts. Videography by Joe Conlon. Production assistance by Isaiah McClain. Photographs by Rachel Fawn Alban, courtesy of the Newark Artist Collaboration.