Frenchtown artist Shea Hembrey was born into a family of farmers, factory workers, hunters, trappers, musicians, and cockfighters in Hickory Grove, Arkansas.  He went on to receive an MFA from Cornell University, and in 2011, a TED Talk featured his acclaimed project SEEK, in which he invented and played the roles of 100 visual artists.  Hembrey’s exhibition dark matters visualizes the artist’s 20 year exploration of dark matter and dark energy.  According to Hembrey, “When I first heard about dark matter, the first visual that I immediately connected to this mystery was what I see when my eyes are closed: that mercurial, unfixing, shifting darkness.  It is a visual that is intimate and continuously available yet it is also vast and unobtainable.”  State of the Arts visits Hembrey in his Frenchtown studio, and gets a first look at his new show.

Produced by Christopher Benincasa for State of the Arts, 2012.