Artist Maya Lin‘s 2021 installation Ghost Forest in Manhattan uses Atlantic white cedars that were victims of climate change. The installation is part of the Madison Square Park Conservancy’s ongoing public art program. Maya sourced the giant trees from the New Jersey Pine Barrens, where some forests are dying due to saltwater inundation after storm surges and rising sea-levels. Ghost Forest is part of Maya Lin’s “What is Missing?” project, an ongoing series and website focused on biodiversity and environmental activism. Meet the artist and Bob Williams of Pine Creek Forestry, who was her guide to the Pine Barrens. Bob gives a tour of Atlantic white cedar stands in South Jersey, visiting both dying and revitalized forests.

Produced by Susan Wallner; Narrated by Dan Gordon; Director of Photography Joe Conlon, with assistance from Mary Conlon. Production Assistant Christine Cirullo.

Additional footage courtesy of Lunarcy Pictures & Madison Square Park Conservancy (Director Michael Fodera; Director of Photography Nicholas Galante) and Pine Creek Forestry.

PEFF Wreath